Grading begins on Twelve Bridges specific plan area

Residential, commercial planned
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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Land is being prepared near the Twelve Bridges Drive and Joiner Parkway intersection for residential and commercial projects, according to a city of Lincoln senior planner.

Steve Prosser, planning manager for the city’s Community Development Department, said Monday that several lots are being prepared for two projects: Village I and Village 2, Village 3a and Village 4 of the of the Twelve Bridges specific plan.

Village I of the Twelve Bridges specific plan, approved in 1998, is located west of Joiner Parkway and north of Twelve Bridges Drive and also north of Bella Breeze Drive. The villages in the Twelve Bridges specific plan should not to be confused with the Village developments identified in the Lincoln General Plan as the areas where the city will grow.

“Village I (of the Twelve Bridges specific plan) is approved for 152 low-density, single-family detached residences,” Prosser said. “The builder is KB Homes. Only rough grading and site preparation are happening now.”

Eighteen acres on the site’s eastern portion will be dedicated to the city for a regional park and a remaining seven acres is designated for a public school, according to Prosser. However, Prosser said, the Western Placer Unified School District relinquished its rights to the site, which is still zoned for a public facility.

The other portion of the Twelve Bridges specific plan being prepared for construction is located along the inner loop of Bella Breeze Drive and will likely be developed as a residential neighborhood of single-family homes.

Village 2, Village 3a and Village 4 of the Twelve Bridges specific plan are located within Bella Breeze Drive’s inner loop. All three villages are owned by Regis Homes and are in the very earliest stages of the planning process, according to Prosser.

“There are no plans for development filed with the city for Village 3a and we’ve just received a tentative map last week for Village 4 for 26 acres to be subdivided,” Prosser said. “It could be three to six months until it reaches the Planning Commission.”

Prosser added that an assisted living facility, at the southwest corner of East Joiner Parkway and the southern portion of Bella Breeze Drive, was approved in 2013. However, although facility construction started, it stalled due to ownership issues, according to Prosser.

“Once the property ownership issues are resolved, that project should move forward quite easily,” Prosser said.