Katchin’ Up
By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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Hot enough for ya?

Yeah, well despite the heat there is still some fishing going on, albeit early in the morning or up in the higher elevations. The lakes are loaded with recreational boaters and most fish are diving deeper into cooler water. It’s our typical summer pattern and times to try some different areas and techniques.

Here’s an overview of our area.

I am still having success with the kokanee population up at Bullards Bar. In fact, this has been just about the best year in recent memory.

The fish are still not in the Pardee-or-Stampede-size range, but they are plentiful and fairly easy to find. I suggest being on the water at sunup and try to wrap it up by noon at the latest. The scene at the ramp can get pretty hectic in the afternoons.

Pardee is still fishing well, but the biggest challenge there is actually getting them in the boat. Everyone I’ve heard from all say they are losing at least 50 percent of the fish they hooked, and that was my experience there also.

However, one can get rewarded with some very nice fish in the 16-inch range. Stampede is also kicking out some nice size kokes.

The Oroville king salmon are still a mystery this year. After nothing but reports of being skunked, I figured I needed to see for myself and made a solo trip there last week.

My favorite area is by the dam and that is closed off due to the ongoing construction on the spillway. I ran along the buoy line for a few passes and circled the area around Bidwell Point and was rewarded with possibly the smallest king I’ve ever seen.

At first, I thought it was a koke that had escaped Little Grass Valley. The fish was so small I didn’t even notice it was on the line until I reeled in to move. Still, it was a king, so technically I didn’t get skunked!

I moved over to the green bridge and, while I marked a lot of fish, they were really deep and I couldn’t get them to bite. I did hear of a guide getting a limit in that area so maybe there’s still hope for this year.

After a promising start, salmon fishing has been slow in the Sac metro area. A few fish are being caught every day, but it’s not great.

My daughter Sabrina and I made a trip to Verona and trolled for several hours without a hit. Outside the Golden Gate it’s a different story, as limits are the rule right now so it’s only a matter of time before the rivers turn on.

Speaking of the San Francisco Bay, there was much excitement over the catch of a possible world record sevengill shark back in July. The monster weighed in at 342 pounds, besting the previous record of 308 pounds set back in 1996.

Sevengills are known to stay very deep and feed on a large variety of proteins. At one time there was a viable commercial fishery for these massive creatures in the Bay Area, but numbers have declined and there is a one-fish limit on them now.