Crack in regional pipeline forces road closure

Mt. Vernon Road likely closed through weekend
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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A break in the Midwestern Placer Regional Sewer pipeline has forced a closure of Mt. Vernon Road, between Joeger Road and Shanley Road in Auburn, that likely won’t reopen until Monday, according to Jennifer Hanson, Lincoln’s public services director.

Hanson said Friday that the area around the break in the pipeline is being excavated and must then be dried out before repairs can begin. The break in the pipeline was discovered Thursday.

“Hopefully, it will be dry by tomorrow and repairs can start then,” Hanson said. “At that point, it should be a quick fix. It’s just a failed coupling.”

Hanson said there would be no impact to Lincoln residents.

“There’s no impact on Auburn yet. There likely won’t be any impact on Auburn,” Hanson said. “Everything is still functioning as it should; the road is just closed. There is a potential impact to Auburn where they would have to reduce sewage use to a minimum but we’re not there yet.”