Pallet yard in flames by Thunder Valley

Fire departments team up to contain billowing fire near casino
By: Matt Kramer, Staff Writer
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Flames billowed below towers of smoke out of a pallet yard near Thunder Valley Casino and Resort Wednesday morning. According to Cal Fire’s on-scene spokesman Andrew Smith, fire crews received a report of a fire in the area at approximately 8:00 a.m. July 27. By Smith’s estimate, approximately 15 engines, five trucks, 15 chief support staff and multiple firefighters from multiple agencies, law enforcement and utility companies were all on scene.

“When they arrived they found a pallet yard and manufacturing facility with a couple stacks of pallets that were fully involved,” Smith said. “It’s pretty much localized to the center of the pallet facility. As you can see, we do have resources kind of surrounding it and keeping it contained to one area, trying to minimize the possibility of it spreading.”

Placer County authorities acknowledged three firefighters were hurt while battling the fire when a hose burst. The injured firefighters are expected to recover.

“We haven’t had any extension into the wild land," Smith added. "We haven’t had any reports maybe other than some small storage buildings…being damaged.”

The fire has been contained, but crews could be out at the scene for up to two days for mop-up work. Investigation into the cause of the fire will begin after it is subdued.