What’s up?
By: Kirby Desha for The News Messenger
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We’ve settled into our usual summer pattern of long hot days and lakes that are jammed with the recreational vessels. Have I mentioned that I hate personal watercraft? No?

Well, I don’t actually hate the machines themselves and I’m sure some of the folks who ride them are perfectly nice folks, but … nothing can ruin a peaceful day on the water like some fool running circles around my fishing hole, screaming like a howler monkey. Ever try to get a boat up on a trailer when someone on a jet ski is kicking up massive waves 20 yards out from the ramp?

And no matter how far up the river arm I go, there will be those stupid dirt-bikes-of the water following me, never mind that there are acres and acres of open water available to these people. It’s almost as if they see me fishing and think “Hey, let’s go buzz that guy.”

I have been catching limits of kokanee up at Bullards Bar over the last few weeks. Although small, they are a blast to catch and the increased limit on the lake (10 fish per day) has been great.

It may be my imagination but it seems a few fish are actually getting bigger there.

Elsewhere, there is a good bite going on at Pardee, Stampede and Whiskey Town.

Trout are in the summer pattern, meaning they have gone deep. Down riggers or leadcore lines are a must right now. Local bass anglers are having decent success, if they get out early.

The weekends are crazy right now so mid-week fishing is better, if possible. Several area lakes have experienced an algae bloom, so check the local status before making any plans. Catfishing has been hot at a number of local lakes.

The 2017 Sacramento River salmon season was set to open July 16 and people were getting wired up for it. The action outside the Golden Gate has been excellent and fish are moving into the bay, staging for their run up the rivers.

The Sacramento River will officially open to salmon fishing 150 feet below the Sycamore boat launch on the morning of July 16 and will remain open for a full season through Dec. 16. This year anglers will enjoy a two-salmon-a-day per person daily limit and a maximum four salmon per person possession limit.

The Sacramento River salmon fishing traditionally opens and builds in mid-July through mid-August. The peak season is usually mid to late August, all of September and early October.  

King salmon are caught through mid to late October and then the new late-fall king salmon begin to arrive. The river flows have a huge effect on the ability of fish to move upriver. Hopefully, we have a good year, but it remains to be seen.