School bond selfish to our kids

By: Sandy Campbell
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I almost choked on my morning coffee when I read the front page of The News Messenger, “School district to place measure on November ballot.”

You’ve got to be kidding!

Measure A passed in 2014, Measure N passed in 2016 and now Western Placer Unified School District wants to pass another bond? That is in addition to the Measure E bond that just passed and a school bond that we are still paying back from the 1990s. When will the politicians ever have enough of our money?

Or better put, when will the politicians curtail their free spending habits?

Let’s not sugarcoat a “bond.”  A “bond” is not free money; it is a tax attached to our property tax bill. If for some reason you can not pay that new tax, the government will come and take your house to pay that tax.

Bottom line, with these taxes/bonds attached to our homes, we do not own our home. The government does. We are not secure in our own home!

We will be told it is just a small tax, but with all of the bonds/taxes added up, it becomes a huge number. Money we can use for food, clothes, a family vacation, savings for our kids’ college etc.

We will be told it is for our kids. No, it is an attack on our kids. They spent the money now and hand the bill to our kids. Our kids will be paying our bill 30 years from now. That only can be described as “generational theft.” How selfish can we be?

Not only that but with all the taxes piled upon our homes, can our kids afford to live here and own a home? No, this new tax/bond is not for our children; it is an attack on our children.

The only solution is for Western Placer politicians and any other politicians who would support this reckless free spending to live within their means. Our families and businesses have to do it. Now it’s time for Western Placer to live within their means!

Sandy Campbell, Lincoln