Councilmen stepped over mayor

By: Lena Labosky
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At the July 10 City Council meeting, three of our councilmen stepped over Mayor Nader! I am disgusted by their action.  This is not how our city works.  One of the benefits of being mayor is appointing committee members. 

At the June 26 council meeting, (councilman) Dan Karleskint requested the item be put on the agenda.  He thought two councilmen should be at meetings having to do with the state (Joint Legislative Audit Committee) audit of Lincoln’s financial records.  Mayor Nader proceeded to appoint the two councilmen, one of which was himself. This was his right to do so.

(Councilmen Peter) Gilbert, Karleskint and (Paul) Joiner took exception to the appointment. After Gilbert let everyone know how wonderfully well-qualified he was for the job followed by Karleskint, Gilbert made a motion to appoint himself and Karleskint.  Yes, Gilbert actually made a motion to put himself on the committee. A second was made and Gilbert, Karleskint and Joiner voted yes to the motion with no by Hydrick and Nader. I am appalled by their actions! It was a slap in the face to our mayor! So very wrong.

Lena Labosky, Lincoln