Today, we take the 13.1-mile Gladding-Fleming-McCourtney Loop ride

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Today, our ride starts from McBean Pavilion. As always, check your bike over and be sure your cell phone is on and you have plenty of water. Put on your helmet and let’s go.
Cross McBean Parkway (Highway 193) from McBean Park to A Street. Proceed on A Street to 7th Street.
Make a left turn on 7th Street and go to Lincoln Boulevard (old Highway 65).
Turn right on Lincoln Boulevard and go to Gladding Road. Make a right turn onto Gladding and go to W. Wise Road. Cross Wise Road with the polo field on your left.
Keep on Gladding past Manzanita to Fleming Road. Turn right on Fleming. You will be riding a gentle up-and-down route with pasture and farm land on both sides.
Go all the way to McCourtney Road and turn right. Go past Merrit Lane on your right and proceed to W. Wise. Cross Wise on McCourtney and go past Fruitvale on your left.
Keep on McCourtney to East 12th Street where you turn right and go to East Street. Carlin Coppin School is on your right. Turn left on East Street and ride to 5th Street. Turn right on 5th Street and go one block to A Street. Make a left turn on A Street and go to McBean Parkway (193).
Cross Highway 193 back to the Pavilion where you started.
You have just completed a ride of approximately 13.1 miles in northeast Lincoln.
Remember to share the road and obey traffic rules.
In the hot weather, keep hydrated and try to avoid riding during the hottest part of the day. Even in this warm summer, it is important to stay in the habit of riding on a regular schedule.
Until we go out again, be careful out there and stay focused.
Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.