Life in the Bike Lane

Cycling through Placer County
By: Tom Frady
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The observant citizen will have noticed by now it is hot

But even on days when the temperature will climb to 100, one can still get in a good ride.  Start earlier (my group is leaving at 7:30 a.m.), apply plenty of sunscreen, wear dark glasses and hydrate, at least 20 to 24 ounces an hour.  Pouring water over your head and down your neck can bring your body temperature down.

A hat or do-rag under your helmet helps both with sweat management

Think about routes that have shade (this may not be the time to ride to Wheatland) and provide easy ways to cut the ride short if it gets too hot too fast. 


Tom Frady is a Lincoln resident and avid cyclist and driver. On alternate weeks, this column features photographs from Placer County (and maybe some neighbors) taken while riding my bike. My hope is that the reader will be inspired to get on a bike and ride. This is a beautiful area and a wonderful place to bicycle.