Congratulations,Lincoln Hills and Jeannine Balcombe

By: Jim Datzman
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Sent to Jeannine Balcombe, Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association’s senior director lifestyle and communications:

You probably recall that you contacted me quite some time ago for my opinion as a member of the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Committee. You had tentatively scheduled a PACE Race fundraiser and then found that Bob Romness had his annual fundraiser for the Lincoln Volunteer Center scheduled for the same date. 

When Bob confirmed that he had no objection, you proceeded with the complex planning process that is necessary for a major community event.  As reported in the June 22 Lincoln News Messenger (page A2, “Lincoln PACE Race raises more than $23,000 for local charities”), you and your committee members should be applauded for the $23,000-plus that will be donated to local charities. 

The results also demonstrate another positive impact that the Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association has on our community.

Again, congratulations to you and the members of your committee.

Jim Datzman, Lincoln