Be ‘pet-riotic’ Friday, the 4th of July

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Fourth of July celebrations are fun for humans but the popping, crackling and booming of fireworks can be terrifying for pets.

The Placer SPCA reminds pet owners that dogs and cats become fearful of these loud noises and want to escape them. That can result in pets getting disoriented or lost.

Remember that fireworks are often set off on the days surrounding the 4th of July and not just that day.

“We suggest that pets be kept in a quiet, familiar room in your home any time loud noises are nearby,” said Leilani Fratis, Placer SPCA CEO. “Even a very mellow animal may try to dart out the door if he is scared by fireworks blasting nearby.”

If your pet does get lost, a tag and microchip may make the difference in getting him or her back home. The Placer SPCA Companion Animal Care Center in Roseville offers microchip implants during regular business hours for $20. About the size of a grain of rice, the microchip contains a code that a shelter or veterinarian can scan to obtain a pet owner’s name from a national database maintained by the manufacturer. If your pet already has a microchip, be sure to keep your contact information current. If you don’t know the manufacturer information, come in to the Placer SPCA for a free scan.

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