Fishing is still hot

By: Kirby Desha for The News Messenger
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If one can stand the heat, there is plenty of action going on in our area.

Last Wednesday, my daughter Sabrina and I hit Bullards Bar to chase the kokanee. We put 15 fish in the cooler before the noon-day heat drove us off the lake.

The limit there is 10 fish per day now, which really helps considering they are still just 11-inch fish.

We launched at Dark Day, and found the same super high water as last time. I’ve never seen the lake this full and there is still tons of debris out there, so be careful as you move around.

I see some folks flying by pulling water skiers and I wonder how many are getting whacked by floating wood.

We found fish in the 25-40-foot range and pink Radical Glow hootchies behind watermelon or gold dodgers got the most action. As always, we both had several fish jump off before we could net them. All in all, it was an awesome day.

Get out there early for the best bite and to avoid the recreational boaters (aka: Lake Lice.)

On Friday I hit Collins Lake for some heatwave bass action. The bite started out great and declined as the day went on and the heat got worse.

At the first stop near some submerged trees, I pulled in five or six good quality fish; a mix of spots and largemouth, some that measured 15 inches or more. I found fish in fairly shallow water, maybe less than 10 feet.

As the day went on, they were predictably moving deeper. Drop-offs and long extended points were good spots.

Most of my fish came on a drop shot rig, the good-old standby Morning Dawn robo worms working best. I finished the day with 20 fish and lost several nice ones when I was not paying attention.

When moving around, it’s not a bad idea to just cast out into some deeper water from time to time. I had a couple fish hit jigs out in random areas.

Most of our area lakes are experiencing fluctuating water levels from day to day. A good rule to follow is this: If the water is rising, fish are closer to shore. If the water is dropping, move out deeper.