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Continuing with the kitchen theme this week

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Although reader response was lighter than expected for last week’s mystery item, we’re keeping with the food theme in hopes of stirring more responses from readers.

Actually, we only received one response this week and we hope that we can do better this week. Thank you, Doug Brown, for providing us with the sole answer.

This pretty china piece was donated by docent Andy McMurtrie. Does any reader know what the piece was used for in table settings? Please send answers by Tuesday to

Last week’s mystery item

As mentioned above, Lincoln resident Brown knows what last week’s mystery item is: a French fry cutter. We now know that you don’t rely on fast food restaurants for your fries!

“Well, not that I’m a famous (or infamous) chef but the item in the June 7 (Lincoln News Messenger) is a French fry cutter,” Brown answered. “Put the potato into it, pull the lever and out come long appropriately-shaped potato pieces. Apparently, the plate on the right can be interchanged for different shapes, curly fries, round, small, large, etc.”

And these devices are still sold today.

Check out what’s in the museum kitchen area and more at the Lincoln Area Archives Museum between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

- Carol Feineman