Stop the “run away” bullet train

By: Rick Myers
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Is there one shred of “common sense” left in California policy-makers?  How can the “sensible” portion of our taxpaying population just sit back and tolerate Jerry Brown, the unions and tax-payer paid government agencies such as the California High Speed Rail authority “Ride this Rail” down our throats and more importantly our pocket books! 

Sixty-eight billion dollars (with a “B”) two year ago and now up to $77 billion (with a “B”) and realistically by the time the project is completed, as we all know, will be double that amount. 

Yes, try $154 Billion (with a “B”) and for what, a train that maybe 5 percent of the population will ever use. It will never pay for itself and yes, we taxpayers will be asked to subsidize it forever.

Someone, with just a modicum of “common sense” might consider putting these billions of dollars toward a couple of more worthy endeavors that 100 percent of Californians could benefit from.  

Let’s start with a major program to repair, maintain and expand our roads, highways and city streets. This not only allows us to traverse the “entire” state more safely, it would also create many more employment opportunities for Californians than some rail line to Wasco.

I would suggest the second “sensible” area of investment of some of these billions of dollars would be in our school system, especially in the elementary education sector. This “ride” could yield long-term positive results and we just might even be able to raise a new kind of generation, one with “common sense!”

All the bullet train promises to taxpayers have been broken. The budget is ballooning and the projected dates of partial and future completions have completely “derailed.”  It is time to put the brakes on this “loco”motive!

Rick Myers, Lincoln