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Samantha Webb reflects on her time as Miss Placer County

By: Paige Smith
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Backstage at the Miss Placer County may seem competitive but is also about working together with others and becoming one big happy family during the process. Samantha Webb, 2017’s Miss Placer County gave us the backstage background and what being the queen the past year has been for her.

Kennedy Pageant Productions helps participants throughout the entire process during the eight weeks before and then during the pageant. During the eight weeks prior, at the rehearsals, participants learn the stage walks, an opening number, do mock interviews and get to know all the other girls.

“You don’t have to know a single thing about pageantry to compete,” Webb said. “If one of our girls needs help with something like an outfit for interviews or they need to find a place for a gown, we all come together; truth be told, I borrowed the evening gown from another girl that I won in.”

After Webb was announced the winner, she wanted to be able to go to as many events as possible. However, it was challenging at times since she was a full-time student and working. She wanted to be able to commit to hosting a drive and supporting other queens with their platforms as well.

Webb said that being a titleholder comes with a lot of responsibility and there are many opportunities that come with the crown and sash. Titleholders must be able to connect with the community, be a role model to girls within the court and those throughout the community.

“You are expected to go to 12 events during your year (one a month) and host or help a local nonprofit,” Webb said. “I believe I’m on event 38 or so and we still have so many more coming up for the end of my reign.”
Webb said she loved being able to help different nonprofits this year. She has been able to host drives for the Ticket to Dream Foundation for the past three years, was able to raise funds and collect toys for their Christmas drive, she worked different events like helping at local elementary schools and volunteering to work at different conventions within the Sacramento area.

“I have been exposed to so many different ways. We can help build up communities with my reign this year, so that has to be my favorite part of this title,” Webb said.

While Webb feels she has fulfilled her duties as queen, she wants to continue to do more. Since someone else will soon step up for the next crown and many other young women will come after her, Webb said that’s the best part of being including in a legacy.

“I just have to thank the community members who have welcomed me to different events,” she said. “I could not have had such an exciting and rewarding year without all of the people who have helped me.”