A few words and pictures about bike lanes

Life in the Bike Lane column
By: Tom Frady
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Cycling in Placer County is not all narrow country roads.  Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin and most other towns in the area have bike lanes to make it safer for cyclists to get around. 

An official bike lane must be marked and at least four feet wide, six feet wide if the vehicle traffic speed limit is more than 40 mph. 

Motorists may not drive in a bike lane, except to enter or exit driveways or to make a right turn. The solid white line delineating a bike lane becomes a broken line for 200 feet before an intersection for this purpose.  A bike lane is not the same as the shoulder.

Bicyclists traveling slower than traffic must use the bike lane, except when making a left turn, passing, avoiding hazardous conditions or approaching a place where a right turn is authorized.  It is legal to ride two abreast in a bike lane, if it is wide enough. 


Tom Frady is a Lincoln resident and avid cyclist and driver. On alternate weeks, this column features photographs from Placer County (and maybe some neighbors) taken while riding my bike. My hope is that the reader will be inspired to get on a bike and ride. This is a beautiful area and a wonderful place to bicycle.