Lincoln Hills is well-managed by association’s board

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In her May 24 guest column (page 4) titled “Beware of homeowners’ associations,” Pat Miller paints a grim picture of life at Lincoln Hills under a domineering and profligate board of directors. Space doesn’t permit responding to all her complaints but just a couple of her comments undermine her case:

1. “There is no provision for the community to vote on anything,” she claims. Wrong! Each year, homeowners get to elect three or four members of the seven-member board charged with overseeing our community association’s management by the executive director, who serves at its pleasure. Homeowners have consistently elected directors who have maintained the association on a solid financial footing, improved amenities and services, and kept dues remarkably low relative to the benefits they receive. If a majority felt as Ms. Miller does, they would elect directors who share her views. They have not done so and candidates who fundamentally disagree with the board’s direction have never stepped forward.

2. Ms. Miller claims that an “ever-increasing number of residents leave because they are fed up with the actions of the board and the executive director.” At the same time, she notes, Lincoln Hills houses “sell easily at increasing prices.” If the situation here were as bad as she says, this would hardly be the case.

Ms. Miller and some who agree with her are now campaigning to recall all current board members. With far less expense and disruption, they could gain control of the board by electing four new directors of their liking early next year. Either way, their success would require convincing a majority of homeowners that Lincoln Hills is terribly mismanaged. As one who thinks we are well-managed - always with room for improvement - I believe they will remain a small minority.


Barry Mackintosh, Lincoln