Get involved in Zebras football through Savannah

Booster Club auxiliary program
By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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High School athletics have grown into considerably more than a pastime for students to occupy their after school hours. Today, the pageantry and excitement of a winning sports program extends not only to the student body, parents and teachers, but to the community as well.

To keep up with the growth, local volunteer David Fear has organized the Savannah Club to help raise money for the Fighting Zebras football program. The Savannah Club is in association with the Lincoln High Booster Club designed to attract members of the non-business community to participate in the football program as individuals or families.

“We know that we have a large Sun City population. And we want to be able to help let those people feel like they can connect,” said Fear, who will be the freshman football coach this season. “I want those people to feel like this is their community too and there is a way that they can do it.”

Unlike business sponsors whose businesses benefit from the additional advertising, the Savannah Club is for locals who want to do more than just watch. The club is divided into three levels – Gazelle, Wildebeest and Prestigious Zebra. 

The donation for each is based on a dollar amount per point scored by the Zebras over the season. A Gazelle donates a $1 per point, Wildebeest $2 and Prestigious Zebra $5 per point scored. One secures membership in the club with a deposit, ranging from $300 to $1,000, based on what is typically scored by the Zebras each season.

If the points exceed the deposit, an additional amount over and above the donation is collected collected at the conclusion of the season..

The donations are non-refundable, but include perks for the Savanna Club members.

Gazelle: season ticket and reserved seating, name on sponsor wall, Zebras T-shirt and sweatshirt, poster, sticker, VIP access to sponsor appreciation game.

Wildebeest: all the above, plus two season tickets.

Prestigious Zebra: all the above, plus Coach for a Day. Coach for a Day includes attending a practice, coach’s pregame pep talk and one sideline pass for a game.

So, if you plan to Potter Up for baseball this summer, roll it over and also Zebra Up this fall by joining the Savannah Club.