Jessica Morse supporter likes her endorsement

By: June Paquette
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I am writing as a supporter of Jessica Morse, candidate for Congress in CD4, running against Tom McClintock.  She is the candidate endorsed by the California Democratic Party in this race.

 Efforts to detract from Jessica’s service record and credibility should be rightly addressed by those with actual knowledge of her scope of responsibility and quality of her service.

A joint endorsement written by Ambassador Dawn Liberi, retired U.S. ambassador to Burundi and USAID Mission Director to Iraq and Dirk Dijkerman, former Chief Operating Officer (COO), Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance, Department of State sets the record straight.

Here are excerpts from their endorsement:

“She was on the ground in Baghdad as a development professional, an advisor to the Commander, US Pacific Command (PACOM) where she was integral in strengthening US-India defense relationship using renewable energy and worked to counter terrorist threats in South Asia. She has more federal budget experience than some sitting members of Congress, having overseen billions of dollars in the global foreign aid budget at the State Department and later the US Agency for International Development (USAID). As former direct supervisors for Morse at USAID, and the State Department, let us be clear — her record is as impressive as it sounds... Morse proved to us that she has the tenacity, intelligence and she materially contributed to advancing our national security priorities. She will do the same for the priorities of the people of the 4th Congressional District.”

I would encourage all district residents, regardless of party affiliation, to review Morse’s work history, policy positions, and endorsements on her website at

With over a decade of frontline experience in service to our country, and strong endorsements from local, state, national leaders and commanders with whom she has served, she has demonstrated critical thinking focused on solving real problems that are important to our district: education, health care, fire prevention, jobs, the economy, and national security.

I urge you to vote for Jessica Morse.

The endorsement that I referenced may be seen at


June Paquette, Lincoln