Vote Regina Bateson on June 5

By: Ann Bowler
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California 04 Congressional candidate Regina Bateson is committed to do what is right for the people of our district. Bateson would hold town halls in each of the district’s 10 counties annually to better understand people’s concerns, then work for what matters to us: jobs and housing, clean air and water, forests, wildfire, education, rural broadband access, available and affordable health care and more. 

A Roseville native who is raising her family here, Regina cares deeply for our region and its people.  This is a far cry from Tom McClintock, who is dismissive of almost everyone’s concerns except his donors. Bateson is ready and willing to debate so voters could fairly compare all candidates but both Jessica Morse and McClintock refuse to debate.

A pragmatic problem-solver committed to transparency, accountability and bipartisanship, Bateson would work to reduce gridlock in Washington. Bateson has the strongest background and well-thought-out policies and plans. Her tenacious spirit, ethical nature and facts-based approach make Bateson the strongest candidate with the best chance of beating McClintock.

If you want true representation in Washington, vote Regina Bateson on June 5!

Ann Bowler, Loomis