Perpetrator(s) harms bike rider during Tour de Lincoln

By: Paul R. Harling
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The Tour de Lincoln was meant to showcase the beauty of the Lincoln foothills and to support the numerous charities which the volunteers support. The ride instead turned into a ride which posed dangers to the riders and exposed a dark side of the Lincoln area.

Someone, or probably two people, decided to lay traps to harm cyclists and bring shame to the area. They succeeded! These very angry persons put lots of oil on a downhill intersection of Wise Road near the intersection of Wally Allen. They also put tacks near the Mt. Pleasant Community Center. This was not the first time tacks had been used to disrupt the ride.

My wife, who is a mother and a grandmother, was injured. She suffered a spill on the oil which resulted in a fractured thumb and numerous bruises and abrasions. Other riders would have been seriously injured were it not for the warnings of riders and volunteers.

We have been residents of Lincoln for over 10 years and we are proud of local businesses and the beauty of the countryside. How can this ride succeed in the future if some local residents are intent on hurting people who can benefit the community? Who are protecting such people who probably brag to their friends and family about their sick behavior?  They probably live near the areas mentioned as the volunteers swept the courses shortly before the ride and no hazards were seen.

How about the cyclists who had their bikes damaged or feared for their personal safety? This act brings bad public relations. No other charity rides have this problem. We have invited a number of friends and family who have participated in the past. We would not want them harmed in the future.

I am willing to put up a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for these shameful and despicable acts. The perpetrators are cowardly and dangerous people. I have no doubt, unless they are stopped, they will continue in their destructive and criminal ways. (Tips sent to The Lincoln News Messenger at 916-774-7972 or will be forwarded to Harling.)

Paul R. Harling, Lincoln