Molly Walker supports Regina Bateson

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Regina Bateson is the candidate to beat McClintock.

Regina Bateson:
• is the candidate with national security experience, was on the ground as
a consular officer in Guatemala and worked for the U.S. State Department
• outraised Morse, McClintock, Calderon, Lawton and White with in-district
donors, female donors and small-dollar donors
• brought national attention to the Congressional race as early as
Aug. 30, 2017 on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” and notable mentions in state and local news
• is the only Democrat endorsed by The Sacramento Bee, Merced SunStar,
Modesto Bee
• continues to travel all 10 in-district counties; pledged to hold a Town
Hall in every county annually if elected, listening to all her constituents
and pledging her support
• knows and loves the Sierra Nevada region, grew up and is raising her
family in this district, and will work for the issues that matter to us:
water, forests, wildfire, jobs and housing, rural broadband access, available
and affordable health care, among many others
• has an impressive list of endorsements: Roseville City Council members,
former mayors, California Senate majority leader, California Labor Federation,
ambassadors, educators, medical professionals, among many others
• is the only candidate committed to total transparency, accountability
and bipartisanship, and is demonstrating it daily
• is running for Congress to protect the future for her children and our
I’ll be voting for Regina Bateson. Join me!

Molly Walker, Loomis