Lincoln Open Mic congratulates local graduate Matt George

By: Sue Clark
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Years ago, an 8-year-old boy began to attend our Open Mic Sundays in Lincoln.  He loved writing poetry so much that his poems won prizes in several of the Auburn Sierra Hills Poetry Contests.  He also won prizes in each of the Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contests until he stopped entering as a college sophomore. 

He has said through the years that the poets at Open Mic were his “best” friends.” He’s always loved talking with the poets and having dinner with everyone on Open Mic Sundays.

 Many of you have asked each month how he’s doing and mention how much you’ve missed him and his poetry since he started working on Sundays to send himself through college.    

At Open Mic, he has been an emcee, has set up the room too many times to count, has brought cookies, has made sure the mic worked on many occasions, and has acted as a “I’ll take care of whatever you need” man at Open Mic.

Through the years, he has broadened his love of being a writer to writing articles, short stories, unfinished novels, sports blogs and now sports broadcasting.

On this Saturday (April 30), Matt George graduates from William Jessup University with a major in English and communications in the field of journalism.

He has been a sports broadcaster on campus for four years, for a radio station for a year, and is now on his way to a career in that field. 

When asked how it happened that he feels so comfortable behind a mic, he says, “I’ve been using a mic since I was 8, reading my poetry at Open Mic in Lincoln.”

Congratulations, Matt from all your “best” friends at Open Mic in Lincoln.