Local fishing report
By: Kirby Desha for The News Messenger
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Well, the weird and unpredictable season continues around here. One week it’s up, next week it’s down, kind of the flows on the river!

Folks are going stir crazy and they are packing the local waterways when they get a nice day to get out. The key is to be patient and courteous out there. I had a guy cut across my lines at Collins Lake last week and it cost me a $12 lure.

Striper fishing has been just OK. There are fish in the rivers, but high flows and muddy water is making it difficult to fish. Best action has been reported on the Sacramento up around the Colusa area and on the Feather in the Boyd’s Pump area below Marysville.

With many ramps still under water, there is limited access in the Sacramento area. Be sure to check before you go.

Drifting minnows has been good, along with the usual sardines and pile worms on anchor in 10 feet of water. High flows from Oroville have been keeping the Feather unstable. Launching is OK at Miller Park, but many are reporting a lot of small fish.

Bass fishing is really sporadic and it depends on where you are fishing. Some lakes, such as Pardee, have warmed enough so that fish are already on the beds, others are still too cold. Regardless, most bass lakes are doing fairly well even though the changes in atmospheric pressure can cause a good day to be followed by a bad day.

A friend who fished Bullards this week caught only six bass for two anglers; however, one of the fish weighed over 6 pounds! These guys were using jigs, roboworms and swimbaits. Oroville has been slow, Folsom is fair, Camp Far West is slowly improving as the water clears up.

Kokanee are showing up in some lakes, but still too cold in most areas for the plankton production that the fish rely on for food. Limits are reported at Whiskeytown and a few have showed up at Pardee.

The high country lakes such as Boca and Donner are not there yet. Are few small fish have been caught up at Bullards around the dam.

Trout are probably the best bet right now. Many lakes that have a stocking program are in full swing and limits are common.

Pardee has been very good, both from the shore and trolling. Word is out so it’s getting very crowded there on weekends.

Collins is good as well. My last trip there we caught 12 and kept 10 fish for the smoker, the biggest weighing in at 3 pounds.