Lincoln Police Department deserves our thanks

By: Jim Datzman
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The officers of the Lincoln Police Department deserve our gratitude for their diligence in policing our community. 

It’s no secret that people who use drugs frequently commit crimes to support their addiction.  It’s also no secret that the Lincoln Police Department continues to face a staffing shortage, due to budget limitations.

A review of the “Crime in your Community” section in The Lincoln News Messenger for the last two weeks in March reveals that Lincoln patrol officers made 16 officer-initiated arrests for people in possession of narcotics and/or paraphernalia or for outstanding warrants related to narcotics possession charges.  The initiative demonstrated in making these types of arrests serves notice that drug use in the city of Lincoln is not going to be ignored. 

Thanks to the Lincoln Police Department for doing the best you can to keep our community safe.


Jim Datzman, Lincoln