Tax Time in Lincoln, part one Money, honey

Friends of the Lincoln Library column
By: By Jane Tahti For The Lincoln News Messenger
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They sat in the corner of one of Lincoln's quiet little restaurants.

He'd already finished his taxes and set them off to the side.  He watched her as she finished her piece of pie.  It was why they'd decided to meet there: for coffee and the town's favorite pie. 

She came from the pretty flower shop where she worked part time. He walked up the alley from Lincoln City Hall. 
He was proud of his town, proud of the plaza with its Gladding, McBean fountain, proud of all the little shops that lined the downtown streets. 
Yeah, it had changed a lot in the last few years but everyone was still friendly. 
He nodded his head and lifted his hand in greeting to several residents passing by and then shifted his attention back to her.   
He could see that filling out tax forms wasn't that interesting to her but that was fine with him.  He'd just as soon watch her eat the pie but he knew enough not to say so. 

Sexist, she'd say. 
And yeah.  She would probably be right.  He leaned back, feeling good.  He'd be getting almost a thousand dollars back.  Not a fortune but a nice refund. She might make a nice little refund, herself. 
She finished her pie and opened her tax forms.  She was cheerful, but when he saw her W2 form, he began to have doubts that her good cheer was going to last.
"You know you're going to owe money, right?"
"Owe money?  Why?"
"Well, look at your withholding. You don't take enough out of your check."
"What do you mean?  A lot comes out every month.  Automatically."
"Yeah. But not enough to cover your taxes. You're going to owe more."
"Maybe I'd owe less if I filed long form, like you do."
"That's not how it works."
"But it works for you. I'll bet you're getting money back. You are, aren't you?  How much?"
"About a thousand."
"How much do you think I'm going to owe?"
"It looks like a few hundred."
"See!  That's not fair! I want to file long form!"
He suppressed a laugh and said sympathetically, "Long form.  Short form.  It won't make any difference. You're still dealing with the same amount of money, honey."
She looked up at him and said, "Did you actually just say ' money, honey' ?"
(continued next week)

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