LTC’s ‘The Miracle Worker’celebrates the role of teachers

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Know and Go:

What: Lincoln Theatre Company’s “The Miracle Worker”

Where: Lincoln Civic Auditorium, 511 Fifth St.

When: April 20 to May 5

Info: or 916-409-7030


Lincoln Theatre Company’s next presentation from April 20 to May 5 will be “The Miracle Worker,” the Tony Award-winning play based on the early life of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan.

It tells part of the story of Helen who, though blind and deaf from childhood, became a noted writer, public figure and source of inspiration.

The play is a tribute to teachers everywhere, as the title refers not to Keller and the miracles of her later life but instead to the “miracles” performed by her teacher. Sullivan opened the world for her pupil when others had long since given up hope.

This family drama is based on Keller’s autobiography, “The Story of My Life,” and from letters written by Sullivan in 1887.

The inspirational story is about discipline, persistence and the strength of the human spirit.

Blind, deaf and mute resulting from a fever as a baby, Keller grows into a wild, angry, tantrum-throwing child who is trapped in a secret, silent world. As a last-ditch effort, her desperate parents employ Sullivan to serve as governess and teacher to 6-year-old Helen. Events in the play are based on real events in which playwright William Gibson reveals the “miracle” Sullivan accomplished.

By age 16, Keller was able to attend preparatory school and then college. In 1904, she graduated "cum laude" from Radcliffe College. Keller improved the conditions of blind and the deaf-blind around the world. She lectured in more than 25 countries.                                                                                          

The Lincoln Theatre Company production features Amy Williams as Sullivan and Madison Thon as Keller. Eric Buchman is cast as Captain Keller, accompanied by his wife, Jennifer Frick, as Viney and daughter, McKensie Buchman, as Martha.  

Other cast members are Crystal Neher-Evans (Kate Keller), Susan Gillespie (Aunt Ev), Rob Pesola (Dr. Anagnos), Christian Espinoza (James Keller).

Adalyn Peters and Addison Hogden, young Lincoln Theatre Company actresses, will be joined by Lexi Frick, Makena Locsin and Kaci Thornton. Warrior, the dog owned by Gina Arthurs, will appear as Beau.

“The Miracle Worker” performances are at 7:30 p.m. April 20, April 21, April 27, April 28 and May 4, and 2 p.m. April 22, April 29 and May 5. 

Tickets are on sale at or by calling 916-409-7030.