Lincoln Police Department volunteer helps king snake

By: Jeff Lineberry
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I am writing to tell you about dramatic rescue in a Lincoln park with the aid of a Lincoln police department volunteer. My wife, Virginia, and I were enjoying our first visit to Coyote Pond Park in Lincoln on April 3 when we spotted a three-foot king snake moving within a pile of rocks next to the trail.

Closer examination revealed it was ensnared in nylon netting that someone had placed over the rocks. It was clearly making things worse by trying to extricate itself.

Unfortunately, we did not have any kind of knife with us. A call to Lincoln Police Department resulted in Citizens on Patrol volunteer B.

Lapham to the rescue.

A few cuts to the netting freed the stressed-out reptile. Mr. Lapham remarked that calls like this make his day interesting.

My wife and I are grateful for Lincoln Police Department responding to our call. Thanks to Mr. Lapham, we might see fewer rattlers around Coyote Pond Park this summer.

Jeff Lineberry, Lincoln