Has anyone addressed household garbage and storm drains?

By: Margaret Harling
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Regarding the recent editorial on the ban on plastic bags (March 29 Lincoln News Messenger page 4, “Bring a recyclable bag or two when going to the store”). Please tell me how we are expected to dispose of household garbage into our garbage cans. Are we just supposed to dump it into the can every day from the trash cans in the house? 

How will that work?  Won’t the can become very soiled and contain soiled food particles and have to be washed out with a hose, meaning more use of our valuable water? And where is that solid waste to be “washed down” to? Our storm drain?  Won’t that create a potential unsanitary problem in the storm drains? 

No one, so far, has addressed this question, to my knowledge. My husband has trapped more than a half dozen rats during the past six months in our yard. Doesn't garbage attract rats? Won’t unwrapped garbage in the garbage cans attract even more rats? Do we need to move out of California to find sanity?

Margaret Harling, Lincoln