The oversight of Lincoln’s parks - a team approach

By: Jim Datzman
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This is one of a series of articles on parks and recreation activities in the city of Lincoln.


The city of Lincoln is currently blessed with 18 community parks of varying size, with more parks on the drawing board as new growth occurs in our city. 

The current parks cover 190 total acres. Oversight and maintenance represents a constant ongoing challenge for our limited parks’ maintenance staff. 

In an effort to assist city staff in the early reporting and correction of maintenance issues in our parks, an innovative program is being undertaken by volunteer members of the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee.

Former committee chairman Roger Ueltzen is credited with initiating the project in which each of the nine Parks and Recreation Committee members have “adopted” two parks to represent for oversight to the committee and city staff. 

Jennifer Hanson, Lincoln’s director of public services, indicates that she is very thankful for this group effort. 

“Due to staff shortages, the city is heavily reliant on volunteers to fill the void,” Hanson said. “The Parks and Recreation Committee serves as an extension of staff.  For that, we are truly grateful. Having an extra set of eyes on the parks is an added bonus.”

The process to be used is a simple one.  Each Parks and Recreation Committee member will be asked to check his/her park several times each month and to report any irregularities to the city staff. Parks supervisor Scott Boynton will review the items and establish priorities for corrective action. 

Richard Moore, recently installed chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee, indicated that the progress of the program will be monitored at each quarterly committee meeting to determine program effectiveness.  

The goal is to assist the parks staff in their efforts to maintain our local parks in the best possible condition for the enjoyment of you and your family.

The spirit of volunteerism remains alive and well in Lincoln.  This program represents just another example of its potential benefit to our residents.

Jim Datzman is a city of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Committee member.        




If there’s a community event, Hilton will most likely be there promoting the city she loves to call home.

Lincoln is fortunate to have service clubs such as Rotary Club and members such as Joann Hilton, helping the community year-round.