Fun through the Eyes of Maggie Rose McGurk column

The wonderful life of Donna and Mike Schultz!

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I had fun capturing the first picture taken of Donna and Mike Schultz together when they were beginning their friendship back in 1986. Mike and Donna always kept the photo and Donna named it, “You Make My Heart Happy.” 

I had the privilege of photographing their wedding. I remember Mike watching the football game at their wedding reception in his tuxedo. Years later, Donna asked me to photograph their beautiful daughter, Tamara, and grandchildren, Hailey Busch and Hannah Busch.

Donna gave Mike two surprise birthday parties. The last one was Mike’s 75th birthday in 2016. They were always together and I know Donna had a hard time keeping the surprise party from Mike. She would call me from her car to get names and phone numbers of the Fun 50/50 club friends from the 1980s. We were 50 men and 50 women who supported the American Cancer Society. 
It was so funny when Mike thought he was going to dinner at Meridians Restaurant and daughter, Tamara, pushed the Orchard Creek Ballroom door open. Mike said, “Don’t do that. They are having a party,” looked in the room and said, “My friends are having a party without me” Then Mike realized that it was his surprise birthday party! Mike put his hands over his face and started crying. Then he enjoyed the fun party! Donna succeeded in having another wonderful surprise birthday party for Mike.

Mike has always called me McGurk and he still calls McGurk. I take this as an endearing compliment. I am one of his buds.

Now is the sad part. Donna had hip replacement surgery third times in a row and died in the intensive care unit from complications in the last surgery.

Donna was very kind, thoughtful, so beautiful inside and out.  We have lost a treasure and Mike has lost the love of his life!  

Donna's Celebration of Life was on March 17 where family, friends and neighbors remembered Donna’s wonderful life! Donna will be missed by so many residents, family and friends.


 - Maggie Rose McGurk


Maggie Rose McGurk of Maggie Rose McGurk Photo Art is a Lincoln resident, who goes everywhere with her camera. See more photos of Placer County life at Contact her at or 543-5300.