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For the love of the library

Volunteer emphasizes services, programs offered
By: Paige Smith
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Lincoln Public Library


485 Twelve Bridges Drive, Lincoln


To donate or learn more about becoming a member, stop by the library or visit their website:

Driving along Highway 65 and down Twelve Bridges Drive, the Lincoln Public Library stands out from the nature around it and introduces newcomers to the Lincoln area. While many may just drive past without a second glance, they are missing a place for childhood growth, education for all ages and a place to come in and be a part of a community.

Gloria Pilotti-Irey moved to the Lincoln area over seven years ago, retired and wanted to find a place to volunteer. So, she went to the library and started volunteering. During this time, she became a part-time staff member and then went back to volunteering to keep her schedule flexible.

“I probably work more hours now as a volunteer than when I was an employee,” Gloria laughed.

Her passion for the library is clear as she talks about the various programs and benefits of how the library is consistently upgrading and finding avenues to help every individual in the community.
“One of the biggest things about having a community library is that it is more than just a place to get books,” Gloria said. 

Whether it is the opportunity for a child to participate in weekly reading times, adult literacy programs or learning about family ancestry on the computer, the possibilities continue to grow with the help of Friends of the Lincoln Library, a nonprofit.

“Last year we made $15,000 from selling used items and books, DVDs, and more at our used book sales,” Gloria said.

With the money that is made at used book sales and donations from local businesses as well as larger businesses including Umpqua Bank, Raley’s, Sierra Pacific, Safeway and Lincoln Lion Hosts, the library continues to grow and offer more programs for the community. All donations are used to help finance programs that the library staff and volunteers implement including the digital library.

The digital library includes help with doing homework, searching for jobs, resume prep, college prep and many more resources for the community to freely use — with a library card. Library card holders can access this information from the library, their home and any other digital device they would like to use.

Gloria marvels at the various events and programs that can be produced from the help of the staff, city, FOLL and the volunteers at the library. From Mother Goose on the Loose for children to adult coloring, there is a variety of programs and opportunities for the community to get engaged.

“It is very rewarding,” Gloria explained. “The staff is enjoyable to work with, there is so much that volunteers can do.”

While the list continues to grow with the help of the city, community business and Friends of the Lincoln Library, there are still many programs and needs at the library. When the new high school opens in the Twelve Bridges area in a couple of years, the library will become a public library for both the school and the community.