AIM to hold human-trafficking fundraiser

By: Wendi Calton
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Thank you so much for writing positive awareness articles on human trafficking. For the past six years, I have employed, educated and housed gals that were rescued from human trafficking in Cambodia by AIM (Agape International Missions). 3 Strands is a partner of AIM and I was glad to see that you were able to bring awareness through that program.

We have a strong support team here locally who is committed to fighting human trafficking. Through financial support, AIM was able to put together their own SWAT team in Cambodia that has rescued a large amount of girls. After being rescued, AIM rebuilds these girls through restoration and reintegration, which includes everything from housing, counseling, life skills and jobs. Currently, there are 80 young girls and women in the aftercare and transitional housing programs in Cambodia and close to 100 young women in the employment centers.

Fortunately for me, I have reaped the benefits of AIM’s work. These gals are now family to me. You can view one of their stories on YouTube under the title, “Sokha’s Survivor Story.” She was also featured on ABC’s Nightline last year.

AIM is based out of Roseville and the website is 

Currently, we are exploring/researching options for opening a center here in Placer County; that is another reason why I so appreciate your articles. We do have a wonderful fundraiser coming up in April, where we are partnering with the Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theater. This is a show that delicately walks you through the life of a trafficked girl. Jacob Montoya is the producer and choreographer and his work was recently viewed in Italy. In “LIFTED,” he does a dynamic job of giving the audience just enough to capture a horrifying reality ending with a hopeful future. 

Wendi Calton, AIM, Roseville