Study of birds is beneficial

By: Fran Neves
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Thank you for the special March 12 issue acknowledging many activities in the Lincoln schools. This is my fourth year working with Mrs. (Janet) Bass at Twelve Bridges Elementary School and the enthusiastic Bird Club students. Another volunteer who wasn’t in the picture is Heath Wakelee.
An average of 50 species of birds are seen in the Twelve Bridges area year round. We see about 20 to 30 different species just around the school. It’s a great place to learn about birds.  
This is also my fourth year as librarian and my first year coordinating the Bird Club at the Community Christians School at 1545 First Lincoln. We have about 10 peacocks visiting the campus regularly.
Both bird clubs follow the Cornell University Ornithology Lab BirdSleuth curriculum. We use the scientific method of observing, asking questions, researching, and conducting investigations about what we discover. Studying birds teaches us to be better observers of our environment. These skills carry over into other academic areas.
Thank you again for bringing attention to these bird clubs. I’d also like to thank members of the Lincoln Hills Bird Club who have made important contributions to both schools.
Fran Neves, Lincoln