Lincoln update on Community Blood Drive from Feb. 25

By: By Dan Johnson For The News Messenger
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Know and Go: Interested donors can visit or Rotary Club of Lincoln’s Facebook page for the date of the next blood drive.

The blood drives in Lincoln have been reduced in Lincoln through 2014 and into 2015.

The Lincoln Community drive is almost the single remaining drive, the exception being a drive occasionally held at Lincoln High School.

Sun City Lincoln Hills and St Joseph’s Parrish drives have both gone by the wayside, at the call of BloodSource the nonprofit that handles all blood drives in the greater valley region.

The community drive has been sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lincoln, with homemade cookies furnished and served by the Placer-Nevada Cattlewomen for about the last 15 years. It has had its own share of attendance problems from time to time over the years. Partly, thanks to the other local blood drives going away and a new community-focused outreach, it has for the last three events become very stable, attracting about 60 attendees, who donate around 50 to60 units of blood, and now platelets.

Because of the spike in attendance, the community drive had started to feel the crowd and long lines and wait times were also spiking. Several different approaches were tried by the Rotary Club and BloodSource, and some improvement was attained with the changes. The last drive with the latest changes seems to have hit the mark with very low waiting time and no lines. Hours have been extended into early afternoon and ending at 6 p.m. More equipment, six whole blood donation chairs, and two platelet chairs, and more on the way next time with the increased platelet donations promised by donors. The added equipment requires additional staffing, which BloodSource has willingly supplied, and monitors during each event.

Because platelet donation can take from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, the platelet donors are being asked to pre-register for an approximate time slot, not dissimilar to delivery service. “Your delivery will be between the hours of”  This seems to be attractive to donors as this also eliminates some of the uncertain wait time. That is transferred into a product that BloodSource has high demand for due to changing medical uses of the platelet donated.

I need to thank all of our community members who support and donate at this blood drive. It is huge, and it saves lives! Thank you.



Dan Johnson is a Rotary Club of Lincoln member and Rotary’s Lincoln community blood drive coordinator.