Unexpected boat ride saves day
By: Kirby Desha for The News Messenger
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I was committed to working on our blown-down fence last Saturday and I had a very small window to get in some early morning fishing. My goal was to bag a couple of trout for the smoker so I ran up to get in some shore fishing.

I had tossed out one line and was rigging up the second rod when the first rod got hit. It had been in the water less than a minute.

I landed that one and put him on the stringer, not a big fish, but decent. I rigged up again and got both rods in the water. The second rod got hit within minutes and I landed a much nicer fish, maybe 2 pounds.

 Wow, I thought, at that rate I could be out of there in an hour.

The jinx was on. The trout disappeared.

Standing around waiting for something to happen, I started watching two guys in a nice Ranger bass boat that had pulled up across the way. The guy in front was hammering bass. The back-seater was doing OK too. They must have seen me standing there with a forlorn look because they trolled over and we stuck up a conversation.

Turned out I knew the guy up front was an old friend of my father-in-law from Nevada City. His name was Gary, and I was shocked when he asked if I wanted to come onboard and fish with them for a while.

Since I was going to be leaving fairly soon, I politely declined the offer, and they cruised upriver. Within minutes I was kicking myself, as the trout bite had completely died.

As luck would have it, they came back down stream and again extended the offer. This time I jumped on it.

The first thing I did was put a big muddy footprint onto Gary’s seat. “That’s OK,” he said. “It will clean up.” 

I started rigging my cheap rod up for bass when Gary said “I got plenty of rods.”

He handed me a Phenix rod with a Shimano Stradic reel, easily a $400 combo. Next he threw me a couple of packages of Keitech swimbaits (about $5 a bag). I’m in awe.

We started fishing and again he is nailing bass in the front seat. His son Kevin is along with us and he offered me the back seat. Pretty soon we were all catching bass; I got six or seven, including one real nice fish at about 3 pounds.

After an hour or so, I realized I was pushing my time limit and reluctantly asked them to drop me on shore so I could head home. I started packing up my gear, which was still where I left it, one rod in the water with the same untouched bait, and Gary and Kevin went off to slay more fish.

I got home just in time to start digging new post holes. It was a good day.