Logan Stayner: Zebra to Beaver
By: Aaron Jackson for The News Messenger
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Former Lincoln High Fighting Zebras basketball player Logan Stayner is now an American River College Beaver and has gone from being a solid starter in Lincoln to being a great role player in Sacramento.

Stayner played center on the Zebras’ varsity from 2012-14, playing in 45 games. In his senior season, Stayner helped lead Lincoln to a Pioneer Valley League title and a 22-7 overall record.

Stayner said that going from the Zebras to becoming one of the Beavers did require an adjustment.

“One thing that I’ve had to adapt to at American River was playing with a whole new set of guys” Stayner said. “When I played at Lincoln, I had played with most of my teammates since elementary school so (at ARC) it was hard getting to know each guy’s playing style and where I fit in.”

As a junior varsity player at Lincoln, Stayner averaged 7.1 points and 4.6 rebounds. His senior year, he upped his scoring to 10.5 points a game and more than five boards.

Coming off the bench as a freshman at ARC, the former Zebra averaged seven points per game and 5.4 rebounds. This year, the Beavers finished the season 6-19.

“After I graduated from Lincoln, I went on a two-year mission to Chile for my church, where I only got to play basketball a few times a week. So it took me a few months to get back into the groove of school and basketball, but I feel more prepared now than if I would have just gone to college straight out of high school,” stated Stayner.

Growing up in Lincoln, Stayner said the community had a huge impact on his life. He said playing recreational basketball and in high school helped make him the athlete he is today.

Now that he has moved up to the college level, he said he is working on his quickness and defense in preparation for next season.

“What I look forward to most, next year, is being able to play with this same group of guys since we were freshmen,” said the 6-foot-8-inch forward. “And now we know each other well enough and have the chemistry to make a deep run into the playoffs.”

After American River, Stayner said he wants to go to a four-year school and continue playing. He said he was not particular and would be willing to play for any school that offered him a scholarship.

Stayner finished the interview with a piece of advice for high school athletes looking ahead to college.

“Keep working hard and be respectful to your coaches,” he said. “Grades are what matters most at the end of the day because not everyone can be a professional athlete.”

It sounds like Logan is quite energetic about being back on the court and is already looking forward to next season. Hopefully he can continue his great play and help lead the Beavers to the playoffs.