City Council votes to ‘do the right thing’

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I would like to start by thanking the City Council for voting 5-0 (Tuesday) to refund all illegally-taken money back to the implementation of the unlawful water rates.

But most importantly, I’d like to thank you, Lincoln residents, for being so active in your local government process. Without you, this would have never happened. The many phone calls and emails and speeches at City Hall had a tremendous impact that resulted in this great victory.

Moving forward, this is a great precedent showing us that each of us really can make a difference. Caring truly helps. But it’s when we take those things we truly care about, like our great city, and act that we see amazing results like this.

My wife and I went to dinner right after the City Council meeting and were talking. As citizens of Lincoln we can all be quite proud of the part we played. This could literally be a textbook case of how citizens getting involved can truly make a huge difference.

I challenge each of us to let this be the catalyst to other great things. I think our local government now knows that we are watching. And we need to continue watching and holding them accountable to do the right thing.

But I think we also now have a tremendous opportunity to let our desire to do the right thing extend into other positive areas. Maybe spending an hour picking up trash around town, or volunteering for a local charity or helping to tutor a child.

There are lots of possibilities as we seek to ‘do the right thing.’ It would be fun to hear your ideas. You can go to my Facebook page and share. Thanks again to all!


Travis Mickel, Lincoln