And the new bike goes to Dylan!

By: Carol Percy, Reporter
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The long-awaited prize stood before them at Carlin C. Coppin Elementary School’s student assembly Tuesday.

A sleek new Schwinn Falcon with glossy black and red-striped fenders would go to one of the 155 students who had entered the school’s “accelerated reading” competition.

But only one would take home the coveted bike.

Students in the audience leaned forward as Principal Shamryn Cole announced the winner. It was Dylan Collier from Kelly Willard’s second-grade class.

Dylan streaked up to the front of the auditorium to claim his prize, hugging the bike to his chest.

“My old bike got broken and I didn’t think I’d win this one,” Dylan said, grinning.

Asked by The News Messenger how many books he had to read to enter the school’s competition, Dylan shrugged and said, “A lot. Maybe 20.”

Tiffany McGuire, Dylan’s reading group teacher, said he was “too modest.”

“Dylan read well over 120 books to qualify for the bike drawing, McGuire said.

The “accelerated reading” competition takes place once every three months at Coppin and includes any student in grades first through fifth who chooses to take up the reading challenge, said Carlin C. Coppin Elementary’s school secretary, Cindy Hood.

“All the kids who entered the competition had a chance to win,” Hood said.

Lincoln Rotary donates three bikes per year as prizes for the “accelerated reading” competition held at seven Lincoln-area elementary schools, according to Lincoln Rotary president, Art Deardorff.