Bike column

Lincoln Boulevard-Sheridan- Rioso-McCourtney Loop
By: Vic Freeman
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Again today, we start our ride at the Pavilion in McBean Park.

As always check your bike and tires. Remember to take water with you. Put on your helmet and let’s go.

Cross McBean Parkway from the Pavilion to A Street and go three blocks to Seventh Street. Turn left on Seventh and ride up to Lincoln Boulevard. Gladding, McBean is on your right. Turn right on Lincoln Boulevard (old Highway 65) and continue past Gladding Road and the rifle range.

Keep on Lincoln Boulevard past Wise Road and continue on to Sheridan. At Rioso Road, turn right and go to McCourtney Road where you make a right turn and go back toward Lincoln.

Keep on McCourtney Road past Kilaga Springs Road and ride on to Wise Road. Cross Wise Road and continue on McCourtney going toward Lincoln. When you reach Virginiatown Road (E. Twelfth), turn right and go to East Avenue. Carlin Coppin School is on your right. Turn left on East Avenue and go back to McBean Parkway. Cross McBean into the park and the Pavilion. You have just finished a loop of approximately 20.3 miles.

I still see many bike riders not wearing helmets. This is a dangerous habit as proven by studies and surveys showing that not wearing a helmet can result in severe injuries. If you do not own a helmet, make it a priority to get one before you ride again, even if it is just around the block. The old adage that an ounce of prevention prevents a pound of cure certainly applies here.

Be careful out there, obey the traffic laws and share the road. Until we ride again, stay focused on the road.

Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.