Show respect to City Council and city manager

By: Larry Whitaker
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First, I want to say as a citizen of Lincoln, I am offended by the lack of respect shown to the City Council and city manger at the council meetings. Expressing views can be done without showing disrespect! Do the right thing. Hell, I think the City Council’s water decision was correct. Stay the course on your water decision.

Further, I believe that there are two sides to the “free water issue.” We are only talking about the income that the water department is not receiving from “the city.”

Because the water company is owned by the city, they do not pay taxes. Monies derived from those taxes would go into the General Fund (of which the largest portion supports police and fire).

So to be fair, a complete cost accounting must be done. We need to look at both what they do not get from ”the city” and what they are not paying to “the city.”

In the end of the day, I think it is a wash.

Larry Whitaker, Lincoln