Let's prevent another school massacre

By: Peter Schor
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All of America is saddened by the atrocity of the Florida massacre. We all mourn the losses. What we all want is solutions from our government. One great solution is having a teacher or employee of each school to be fully vetted/cleared (police and FBI); stable mental health check;  and completely trained and certified on how to use a firearm.

We have armed security guards everywhere: banks, office buildings, concerts, Senate, Congress, sporting events, jewelry stores, courts, airports and more. Why not schools? Many Hollywood stars have armed guards, live in walled homes in gated communities and say “no” to trained and vetted teachers at schools. Hollywood has produced many violent movies, video games and TV shows. In the nation of Israel, every single school has an armed guard. No gun massacres in schools in 42 years.

The premise that the gun-carrying security person would scare the children is a misnomer. Most children have seen some form of violence, even in the cartoon shows on TV. The security person would be introduced at the schools’ assemblies. Signs that say “No Gun Zones” are an invitation for criminals that they are safe from confrontation. All children need to feel safe.

Mental health needs to be addressed in gun laws. Fact: eight recent mass shooters that I could personally name were on psychotropic drugs. How about stronger prescription control? How about a better “vetting” process?

By the way, I do not own a gun but I support the right to bear arms. Some past world government leaders who took away guns from their citizens (Stalin, Mao Zedong, Hitler and Pol Pott) resulted in the murdering of 40.4 million people.

I believe 100 percent that our children are our most precious asset. Let us protect them!

Thank God, we live in the wonderful greater Sacramento region.

Peter Schor, Lincoln