John Adams Academy model should be followed

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I read about the John Adams Academy with great interest. They bought a 19-acre building site for $950,000 and they are to build a 10-acre campus to accommodate 1,300 students.  They are doing all this without passing a school bond. How can that be?

Western Placer Unified School District just tapped the taxpayer’s wallet by passing the Measure A school bond.  The Measure A tax is to be used for school maintenance and building a new school.  But how can John Adams Academy buy land and build a school without passing a school bond?

Maybe Western Placer and all the local politicians who pushed so hard for the Measure A tax should study the John Adams model and find out how they are doing it.

Amazingly enough, the same local politicians that pushed for the Measure A tax are now pushing for a new tax for our roads.  Why is the answer to every challenge always “We need to raise taxes?”

 The John Adams Academy is proof positive that you don’t need to raise taxes to accomplish great things!


Thank you.

Lena Labosky, Lincoln