Field doesn't provide access to everyone

By: David Stanley
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I sent this email to the president of William Jessup University. I would like it to be published in the Letters to the Editor section of The Lincoln News Messenger:

“Dear Sir

Are you aware that your baseball team is playing it's home games at a facility that does not provide handicap access?

This fact is well known to the City of Lincoln and by implication from the Mayor it is done with your University's knowledge and consent!

You should read the articles in the Lincoln News Messenger (January 26, February 2nd and 9th) and review the online video of the January 24 City Council meeting (available on the City's website). The video will show a callous Mayor treating a handicapped citizen with total disrespect. Just count how many times Mayor Gilbert tells wheel chair bound Mr. Chapman to "STEP Away" from the microphone!

This certainly doesn't reflect well on William Jessup University. Hopefully you will take immediate action to get this situation corrected.  Your good name is on the line.


David Stanley”

David Stanley, Lincoln