A big fan of Jeeves, Kathy

By: Lena Labosky
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I am a big fan of Just in from Jeeves and often comment. I thought Kathy Dorsey’s column this week was very brave! I did not comment, since my comments are in her Jeeves column. 

I just want to say I support her 100 percent.  Peter Gilbert's actions were despicable and they require him to make a public apology to Mr. Chapman at the next City Council meeting.

I also would encourage the City Council to require Peter Gilbert take anger management classes.  It is beyond the pale that a citizen can be shouted at from the podium. The council meeting should be a safe place for citizens to get up and say whatever they feel they need to say.  Who would want to after that display?  No one wants to be humiliated in front of the world. 

I have always felt Mr. Chapman’s comments are always well researched and thoughtful. He should never have been treated in this manner.

Lena Labosky, Lincoln