Fun through the Eyes of Maggie Rose McGurk column

Fun sharing a birthday with the twins

By: Maggie Rose McGurk
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It was a pleasure meeting the fun twin brothers, Ben and Jack Fehan, and their delightful wives! 

When I talked with Jack over the phone, he said, “We will recognize you with the cameras but for us, look for the two old bald guys that look alike. That will be us!” 

Ben Fehan and his wife, Terry, flew from Boston to celebrate his 80th birthday with his twin brother, Jack Fehan, and his wife, Maddy, of Lincoln Hills.
I asked them what kind of tricks they played as kids on others. They would go to a dance and the women would mix them up. They did not have to work on it; the women would do it on their own!

It is fun to be around nice people!


   - Maggie Rose McGurk


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