Here’s the fishing buzz
By: Kirby Desha for The News Messenger
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We seem to be in some weird in-between zone right now, with daytime temperatures getting up into spring areas, but still go low at night. It’s made for some strange outings, where I’ve been bundled in layers at launch and then in a T-shirt on the ride home.

By all accounts, it has to be too early for springtime fishing, but following is what’s been happening around our area.

Trolling for trout has been slow at many lakes, but the shore bite has been better with night crawlers or powerbait. A 14-pound rainbow was caught and released at New Melones by a bass fisherman. Trollers are using planer boards to get close to shore on many lakes.

The surprise has been Lake Berryessa, with lots of trollers scoring limits. Good reports are coming from Folsom also.

Anglers targeting trout on Lake Camanche have had success with grubs. Collins Lake has been tough lately, but anglers may be rewarded with a big one by either slow trolling a nightcrawler or fast moving with a rapala.

My daughter Sabrina and I went out on Super Bowl Sunday for a few hours before the game. We fast-trolled minnow-type plugs and she landed and released a nice fish that weighed almost 5 pounds.

Bass action has been solid pretty much everywhere. Not red hot, but good enough to keep trying.

On a recent Collins trip with my buddy Green Crestliner, we had almost spring-like action with 30 fish to the boat. Nearly all came on drop-shot rigs in 20-30 feet of water.

Camp Far West has been cold and slow, but a few are getting fish in 10 feet of water. I see a lot of guys throwing big swimbaits and A-rigs this time of year, hoping for that one big fish. The key to cold water bass is a slow presentation.

Bullards has been slow for bass, but there have been reports of guys already catching some kokes. I have never heard of that this early, so I may have to go check it out myself.

A few sturgeons are getting hooked up from Knights Landing and around Verona.

Striper action is slow up here so far. Striper action should heat up on the Feather River as the hatchery will soon release their steelhead smolts.