Bike column

Ferrari-Joiner-Sunset loop marks 100th column
By: Vic Freeman
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A little nostalgia before we start our ride today. Today’s article marks the 100th time that this column has run in The News Messenger. I hope you have enjoyed doing the rides or reading about the greater Lincoln area.

We begin our ride today at the McBean Park Pavilion. As always, check your bike and tires, have water with you, put on your helmet and let’s start.

Turn right onto McBean Parkway (Highway 193) and go past the fire station on your right. Proceed to Ferrari Ranch Road, turn right and ride along the trail past Sun City Boulevard to Ingram Parkway.

Turn left at Ingram Parkway and continue past Angler’s Cove on your left to Del Webb Boulevard. Make a right turn at Del Webb and go past the gatehouse to Joiner Parkway. Turn left onto Joiner and ride up the hill to the waterfall and overhead stop light at Del Webb Boulevard.

Keep riding on Joiner Parkway to Twelve Bridges Drive. After crossing Twelve Bridges Drive, ride on Joiner past the junior high school on your left. Keep riding on Joiner to the city limit line where Joiner becomes Wildcat. You are now in Rocklin.

Ride on Wildcat past Whitney High School on your left and continue on Wildcat past Whitney Ranch Road all the way to Stanford Ranch Road. Turn right on Stanford Ranch Road and go to Sunset Boulevard. Get in the left turn lane approaching Sunset and make a legal U turn at the overhead stop signal. Go back on Stanford Ranch to Wildcat where you turn left and ride back past Whitney Ranch Road and then Whitney High School on your right.

Keep on Wildcat as it becomes Joiner Parkway and go to Twelve Bridges Drive. Cross Twelve Bridges and ride on Joiner to Del Webb Boulevard. The Lincoln Community Church is on your left. Make a right on Del Webb, go to Ingram and then turn left and return to Ferrari Ranch Road. At Ferrari, turn right and go back to McBean Parkway (Highway 193). Turn left on McBean Parkway and go back to the park and McBean Pavilion.

You have just completed a ride of approximately 12.6 miles. Until we ride again, be careful out there and share the road.

Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.