Out of the Museum

Tom and Joan McGill
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Where: Beermann Plaza at 640 5th St.

When: Open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Free: Donations always accepted

What did the scale pictured above with docent Lynne Engellenner weigh? If you know, please send answers to Answers will appear in next week’s newspaper.

Last week’s mystery couple is Tom and Joan McGill, who are digitizing the Lincoln Area Archives Museum records and documents.

When Mike Kimbrough, a former Zebra, was cleaning out boxes of old records at Lincoln High School, he found several boxes of school registers going back to 1891. He brought the boxes that included registers from Orange, Mt. Pleasant, Daneville (the name of the school for Danetown) and Lincoln to the museum.

The names of earlier Lincoln residents are all over the pages.

The registers, Lincoln High School yearbooks and other museum records will soon be available for genealogists anywhere in the world by visiting the website. The records are currently being digitized for easy access by the McGills, contractors for

Digitized records ensure that the information will never be lost and will always be available at

Of course, a trip to the Lincoln Area Archives Museum in downtown Lincoln is a better way to spend a few hours of the day. Why look on a computer screen when you can see the real items in person?

- Carol Feineman