Resident appreciates Rep. Tom McClintock’s border column

By: Peter Schor
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I very much liked and appreciated the “Another View” column on page 4, Dec. 20, “Why our borders matter” by guest columnist, U.S. Rep.Tom McClintock.

Most nations of the world have borders. Mexico has southern border walls with Guatemala; The Vatican has walls and most of the Hollywood celebrities live in gated and guarded communities with walls built around their homes. Mexico has the strictest immigration policy with severe consequences when broken.

One very good reason seldom talked for stronger borders and walls with Mexico is to stop or slow down $109 billion a year in drugs coming over the borders. There are also some very bad people that want to come into the U.S.A. to do malice.

Last, I watched many video streams of the caravan migrants carrying the flags of the country they want to leave. One would think if they really want to make America their home, they would be carrying our flag to show their respect.

In a recent global study made by Gallup Poll on 154 countries around the world, 138 million people said they would love to migrate to the U.S.A. I think most of us know the many reasons why. (Gallup source:

Our politicians on both sides must come up with a fix on our immigration system.


Peter Schor, Lincoln